Solkane Pocket Manual Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

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Solkane Pocket Manual Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology

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285 Pages

This Solkane Pocket Manual covers the principal areas of refrigeration. The text is supported by abundant physical, chemical and technical data, as well as thermodynamic equations for thermo-physical properties calculation of Solkane refrigerants, which serve to help in the planning and design of refrigerating plants. The data and information contained in the Solkane-Pocket Manual also cover other areas of application where Solkane has proved itself, e.g. as blowing agents for plastic foams (PU, XPS) and propellants in the pharmaceutical field.

This manual is intended for the person who uses refrigeration equipment, to assist in day-to-day tasks. If you have particular problems outside the scope of this manual, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information and advice.


The Solvay-Group – an OverviewSolkane Pocket Manual
History of refrigerants
The new generation of Solkane refrigerants
Basics of refrigeration calculations
General properties
Handling of refrigerants
Retrofit/Drop-In: Conversion of CFC refrigerating plants to replacement refrigerants
Contamination and its consequences
Regulations and refrigeration associations
Conversion tables
Vapor tables
Vapor pressure diagram
Mollier(-lg p, h-)diagrams

Types of refrigerating machines operating by this principle divided into absorption refrigerating machines and compression refrigeration cycles. In absorption machines, the refrigerant vapor absorbed in another substance and then driven out by boiling. In compression refrigeration cycles, the vapors sucked off with the aid of a compressor, compressed and then liquefied in the condenser. Fluorine-containing refrigerants developed for the latter machines to replace dangerous refrigerants.

The most important product groups in the chemicals sector today are: salt for any and every use, chlorine/sodium hydroxide solution, soda/sodium bicarbonate/ precipitated calcium carbonate, chlorine derivatives/allyl products/glycerine, fluorine chemicals, barium and strontium compounds, hydrogen peroxide/persalts, insoluble sulphur.

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