Non-Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems by CIBSE, ISBN-13: 978-1906846121

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Non-Domestic Hot Water Heating Systems by CIBSE, ISBN-13: 978-1906846121

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  • 157 pages
  • Publisher: Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 190684612X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1906846121


AM14: Non-domestic hot water heating systems provides comprehensive guidance on the design, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance of heating systems. It addresses the two very different aspects of design: that intended for a new building, and that for a refurbishment project. This publication should be widely read and used by all those responsible for heating systems in non-domestic buildings, and should contribute significantly to proving better heating in many buildings.

CIBSE, working with ICOM Energy and experts from the manufacturing, design, and installation and commissioning sectors, have produced this Applications Manual, giving comprehensive guidance on the design, installation, commis­sioning and operation and maintenance of heating systems (it does not cover medium temperature or high temperature hot water systems i.e. those having flow temperatures above 90 °C).


1. Introduction
1.1         Background
1.2         How to use this Applications Manual
1.3         Sources of further information

2. Design decisions and criteria: new buildings
2.1         Introduction
2.2         Strategic design decisions
2.3         Design criteria for boilers in new buildings

3. Design decisions and criteria: refurbishment
3.1         Introduction
3.2         Drivers for refurbishment
3.3         Scope for refurbishment
3.4         Constraints
3.5         Statutory regulations and guidance
3.6         Identification of existing heating types
3.7         Evaluation of existing heating systems
3.8         Evaluation of heating loads
3.9         Reducing energy consumption
3.10       Options for refurbishment using low carbon technologies
3.11       Whole life costs and payback
3.12       Performance criteria for replacement boiler plant

4.  Major components of heating systems
4.1         Introduction
4.2         Heat sources (boilers)
4.3         Distribution network
4.4         Heat emitters
4.5         Flue and chimney design
4.6         Air supply and ventilation
4.7         Fuel storage

5. Controls
5.1         Introduction
5.2         Circuit design
5.3         Boiler controls
5.4         Avoiding excessive boiler cycling
5.5         Demand-based boiler control and system inhibit
5.6         Boiler sequence control
5.7         Burner controls
5.8         Time controls
5.9         Temperature controls
5.10       Hot water controls

6.  Installation
6.1         General
6.2         Legislation and guidance
6.3         Site facilities
6.4         On-site storage and protection of equipment
6.5         Installation of equipment
6.6         Installation of circulation and distribution equipment
6.7         Installation of heat emitters

7. Testing, commissioning and maintenance
7.1         Introduction
7.2         System testing
7.3         System cleaning, flushing and water treatment
7.4         Pre-commissioning
7.5         Commissioning
7.6         Final reporting and documentation
7.7         Continued evaluation and record keeping

8. Troubleshooting for hot water heating systems
8.1         Introduction


Principal author and Chair: Arnold Teekaram

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