Metals Handbook Desk Edition 2nd Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0871706546

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Metals Handbook Desk Edition 2nd Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0871706546

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  • Series: Metals Handbook
  • 1535 pages
  • Publisher: CRC Press; 2nd edition (December 1, 1998)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0871706547
  • ISBN-13: 978-0871706546


The Metals Handbook Desk Edition is a comprehensive single-volume reference source on the properties, selection, processing, testing, and characterization of metals and their alloys. Although the information presented in this Volume is drawn principally from the multiple-volume ASM Handbook series, it should not be considered simply an abridged version of the larger work. Instead, the Metals Handbook Desk Edition draws upon the complete arsenal of ASM products both print and electronic as well as other key sources of information originating from other publications, company literature, technical societies, and government agencies. Coverage is organized into five major parts: General Introduction Irons, Steels, and High-Performance Alloys Nonferrous Alloys and Special-Purpose Materials Processing Testing, Inspection, and Materials Characterization


If you are searching for this book you probably already know what it is. If you are in materials related research, it is imperative that you acquire this book. It contains compositional tables that are invaluable if you often find yourself looking at an EDS spectrum and you are thinking “Hmm… what alloy is this?”. Each metal or alloy (ferrous and non-ferrous) is addressed with at least compositional information, common applications, corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties. It is comprehensive and well worth the purchase.

I have said this elsewhere, but I consider this book to be one of the “must haves” for technical reference books. With a recent edition of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, Perry’s Chemical Engineer’s Handbook, Mark’s Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Machinery’s Handbook, Bosch Automotive, and Metals Handbook, one person has an excellent overview of the entire Industrial Revolution. I call this library of books the “Build-Your-Own-Civilization Library”. If you like handbooks (I cherish them), get this one, then go buy the others.”

This is a one-volume condensation of the Metals Handbook. The full handbook comprises over 20 phonebook-sized volumes, so a single-volume is a welcome addition to the series. Being a single volume it cannot be as comprehensive as the full multi-volume set, but it does include all of the basic and most important information. It focuses on providing information on various classes of alloys (steels, Al alloys, Cu alloys, etc.) with a separate section on other topics, such as casting, forging, joining, etc; where the complete set has separate volumes on these other topics and a single volume on ferrous alloys and one on non-ferrous alloys. This is an important addition for the library of any metallurgist, structural engineer or anyone who needs information on metals and the utilization of metals.”

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