Infrared Thermography: Errors and Uncertainties, ISBN-13: 978-0470747186

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Infrared Thermography: Errors and Uncertainties, ISBN-13: 978-0470747186

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  • 212 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (October 26, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470747188
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470747186


In Infrared Thermography, the authors discuss the sources of uncertainty, including how to quantify these sources, associated with the use of thermal imagers. This book explains the common misunderstandings in the interpretation of temperature measurements, and provides a metrological evaluation of commercially available infrared cameras. It suggests how to best estimate the accuracy of thermal imaging instruments, whilst considering the level of accuracy attributed to measurements from these thermal imagers.

Key features:

  • Begins with an introduction to uncertainties and radiance terms before moving onto the issues surrounding thermal imaging.
  • Deals with the basic issues of thermal imager measurements such as the law of heat exchange by radiation and emissivity.
  • Describes a typical processing algorithm of the measurement path for an example infrared camera.
  • Discusses measurement error analysis of a thermal imaging system.
  • Considers the results of simulation research of thermography uncertainty.
  • Includes an accompanying website which hosts MATLAB® code.

Infrared Thermography is primarily aimed at quantitative thermographers, and manufacturers, vendors and users of thermal imagers. This book is also of interest to senior undergraduate and postgraduate students across a range of disciplines such as electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, computer science, and biomedicine.

About the Author

Professor Waldemar Minkina, Department of Electrical Engineering, Czestochowa, University of Technology, Poland
Prof. Minkina is the author of 4 Polish language books, and has authored over 100 journal articles. He holds 6 patents, with 4 patents announcements pending. Prof. Minkina is a member of many committees and associations including the Committee of Measurement and Scientific Instrumentation of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Association of Sensor Technology and the Polish Association of Theoretical and Applied Electrotechnics. Since 1996, he has been head of the Chair of Microprocessor Systems, Automatic Control and Heat Measurements at Czestochowa University of Technology.

Dr Sebastian Dudzik, Department of Electrical Engineering, Czestochowa, University of Technology, Poland
Dr Dudzik graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czestochowa University of Technology in 2000, gaining his PhD in technical sciences in 2007. He is the author or co-author of 16 articles in journals and conference proceedings.

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