Industrial Heat Pump-Assisted Wood Drying, ISBN-13: 978-1138041257

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Industrial Heat Pump-Assisted Wood Drying, ISBN-13: 978-1138041257

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  • Series: Advances in Drying Science and Technology
  • 725 pages
  • Publisher: CRC Press; 1 edition (August 15, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1138041254
  • ISBN-13: 978-1138041257


This book discusses conventional as well as unconventional wood drying technologies. It covers fundamental thermophysical and energetic aspects and integrates two complex thermodynamic systems, conventional kilns and heat pumps, aimed at improving the energy performance of dryers and the final quality of dried lumber. It discusses advanced components, kiln energy requirements, modeling, and software and emphasizes dryer/heat pump optimum coupling, control, and energy efficiency. Problems are included in most chapters as practical, numerical examples for process and system/components calculation and design. The book presents promising advancements and R&D challenges and future requirements.

Drying of wood is one of the most common, but complex and energy-intensive processes existing in many countries. It involves a mix of fundamental sciences and technologies, being based on extensive experimental observations and operating experience.

The book Industrial Heat Pump-Assisted Wood Drying contains 17 chapters intending at updating some of conventional and unconventional wood drying technologies. It focuses on various aspects of heat pump-assisted wood drying ranging from technological advancements in heat pumping in general to optimal dryer–heat pump coupling and control strategies, system modeling and simulation, and laboratory and in-field experiences.

The book emphasizes several coupling and system design concepts, and operating and control strategies that can be applied to improve the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of heat pump-assisted wood drying processes.

Fundamental thermophysical and energetic aspects of conventional wood drying processes are first explained and summarized.

Several modern aspects of industrial heat pump-assisted wood drying technology (e.g., advanced components, kiln energy requirements, modeling, available software) are then presented with a special emphasis on dryer and heat pump optimum coupling, control, and energy efficiency.

A number of solved exercises are included in most of the chapters, such as practical and numerical examples for process and/or system/components calculation/ design. Most promising advancements in industrial heat pump-assisted wood drying technology and some R&D challenges and future requirements are also presented.

This book is intended to serve both the practicing engineers involved in the selection and/or design of sustainable drying systems and the researchers as a reference work that covers the wide field of wood drying principles, and the various commonly used wood drying methods and equipment, including heat pumps.

The main aim of this book is to provide, on the one hand, general information about the wood physical drying processes to heat pump technicians and, on the other hand, basic information about the air-to-air mechanical vapor compression heat pump technology to industrial and academia drying R&D communities. That is because only a good understanding of both wood dryers’ and heat pumps’ technologies, followed by a strong collaboration between wood drying and heat pump specialists, may ensure the development of new, advanced integrated concepts, and successful future industrial implementations.

The final scope of this book is to increase the number of feasible, successful industrial implementation of heat pump-assisted wood dryers.

About the Author

Vasile Minea is a PhD graduate of civil, industrial and agricultural installation engineering faculty from the Bucharest Technical Construction University, Romania. He worked as a professor at that university for more than 15 years, teaching courses such as HVAC systems for civil, agricultural, and industrial buildings, as well as thermodynamics, heat transfer, and refrigeration. During this period, his R&D works focused on heat exchangers, heat pump and heat recovery systems, and development and experimentation of advanced compression-absorption/ resorption heat pumps concepts, as well as on the usage of solar energy for comfort cooling processes and industrial cold and ice production. Since 1987, Dr. Minea has been working as a scientist researcher at the Hydro- Québec Research Institute, Canada. His research activity mainly focuses on commercial and industrial refrigeration, heat recovery and geothermal heat pump systems, low-enthalpy power generation cycles, and heat pump drying. During the past 15 years, he collaborated with the Canadian and American heat pump drying industry and R&D drying community in developing laboratory- and industrial-scale experimental prototypes. Drying of various products such as vegetables, agricultural, biological products, and wood has been theoretically and experimentally studied and results have been published in several drying conference proceedings and in prestigious journals such as Drying Technology, International Journal of Refrigeration, Applied Thermal Engineering, and IEA Heat Pump Centre Newsletter.

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