HVAC Equations, Data and Rules of Thumb 1st Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0071361293

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HVAC Equations, Data and Rules of Thumb 1st Edition, ISBN-13: 978-0071361293

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  • 576 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 1 edition (June 2, 2000)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0071361294
  • ISBN-13: 978-0071361293


HVAC answers at your fingertips! Grab this book…it’s filled with valuable equations that most HVAC personnel use on a daily basis.
— Bob Rosaler, author, bestselling HVAC Handbook.

It’s very easy to find all those minute details that often mean the difference between an average design and an excellent one.
— David Meredith, Chairman, Building Environmental Systems Technology, Penn State University.

The most complete, most job-critical reference for the most frequently used HVAC design data describes HVAC Equations, Data, Rules of Thumb. Veteran HVAC designer Arthur Bell Jr.’s handy, superbly organized data bank follows the CSI Master Format.

You’ll reach for this time-saving task-simplifier dozens of times every working day for: Equations – more than 216 equations for everything from ductwork to air change rates…from steel pipe, relief valve and water heater sizing to NPSH calculations, Data definitions, ASME and ASHRAE code specs, air and water properties, conversion factors, building construction business fundamentals, equipment manufacturers, energy conservation conditions, auxiliary equipment, designer’s checklists, professional societies and organizations, and more. 358 Rules of Thumb in all for buildings of every imaginable type, from churches to cocktail lounges. Includes cooling and heating loads, infiltration, ventilation, humidification, people/occupancy, lighting,appliance/equipment, more.


Part 1. Foreword
part 2. References and design manuals
part 3. Definitions
part 4. Professional societies and trade organizations
part 5. Equations
part 6. Cooling load rules of thumb
part 7. Heating load rules of thumb
part 8. Infiltration rules of thumb
part 9. Ventilation rules of thumb
part 10. Humidification rules of thumb
part 11. People/occupancy rules of thumb
part 12. Lighting rules of thumb
part 13. Appliance/equipment rules of thumb
part 14. Cooling load factors
part 15. Heating load factors
part 16. Energy conservation and design conditions
part 17. HVAC system selection criteria
part 18. Air distribution systems
part 19. Piping systems
part 20. Central plant equipment
part 21. Auxiliary equipment
part 22. Equipment schedules
part 23. Equipment manufacturers
part 24. Building construction business fundamentals
part 25. Architectural, structural, and electrical information
part 26. Conversion factors
part 27. Properties of air and water
part 28. General notes

About the Author

Arthur A. Bell, Jr., is a registered professional engineer with more than 15 years’ experience designing HVAC systems. Mr. Bell has also been involved in the design of plumbing systems, fire protection systems, and construction field engineering-mechanical systems. He has taught ASHRAE HVAC classes, as well as contractor training courses. A member of ASHRAE, ASPE, NFPA, AEI, and NSPE, he is a resident of Monaca, Pennsylvania.

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