Heating Systems Plant and Control by Anthony Day, ISBN-13: 978-0632059379

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Heating Systems Plant and Control by Anthony Day, ISBN-13: 978-0632059379

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  • 336 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 1 edition (May 16, 2003)
  • Authors: Anthony R. Day, Martin S. Ratcliffe, Keith J. Shepherd
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0632059370
  • ISBN-13: 978-0632059379


This new book will cover commercial and industrial heating systems, with an emphasis on applications and the modern demands of cost efficiency and energy conservation. It will give the building services engineer guidance on design and specification and will serve as a main reference for undergraduates in building services.

In many climates buildings are unable to provide comfort conditions for year-round occupancy without the benefit of a heating system, and most HVAC engineers will routinely be involved with issues concerning the design, installation and performance of such systems. Furthermore, in temperate climates, heating of buildings accounts for a large slice of annual carbon emissions. The design of heating systems for maximum efficiency and minimum carbon emission is therefore now a matter of prime concern to all HVAC engineers.

The book provides an up-to-date review of the design, engineering and control of modern heating systems. Part A deals with heat generating plant. While this concentrates on conventional and condensing boilers, small-scale combined heat and power systems and heat pumps are also discussed. Part B deals with heat emitters, pipe circuits and variable-speed pumping, hot water service, optimum plant size and the vital issues of plant and system control, including sequence control of multiple boilers. Techniques for managing the energy use and running costs of heating systems are also discussed.

The authors have brought together over a half-century of combined experience covering all aspects of the building services Industry to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive text that is both technically rigorous yet highly practical. This makes the book equally relevant to the busy HVAC engineer looking for a handy practical reference, the student looking to build on their basic knowledge or the researcher interested in key issues of heating system design and performance.

About the Author

Tony Day BEng (Hons), PhD, CEng, MCIBSE, MInstE is a Senior Lecturer at South Bank University where he is course director of the MSc in Building Services Engineering. He specializes in evaluating energy use in buildings and also lectures in the wider context of energy and the environment. He has published a number of papers on building energy analysis, as well as the development of renewable energy systems. Before entering academia he was a Chief Engineer at a London hospital.

Martin Ratcliffe BSc (Hons), CEng, MCIBSE has been involved in building services for more than 25 years, working as a senior mechanical engineer at a large international consultancy and, for the last 14 years, Senior Lecturer and course director for Building Services at South Bank University. In this last role he has concentrated on teaching the holistic design of mechanical services with emphasis on performance and energy consumption and has been involved with recent CIBSE and BSRIA design guides.

Keith Shepherd BEng (Hons), MSc is a building services consultant. A graduate of the Institute of Environmental Engineering at London’s South Bank Polytechnic, where he gained first class honours in environmental engineering, he was awarded a Master of Science degree by research from UMIST. Author of a book VAV Air Conditioning Systems (also published by Blackwell) and several papers, his 22 years’ experience of building services encompasses design, project management, research, lecturing, estimating and quantity surveying.

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