Fundamentals of Temperature Control by William K. Roots, ISBN-13: 978-1483231846

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Fundamentals of Temperature Control by William K. Roots, ISBN-13: 978-1483231846

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  • 240 pages
  • Publisher: Elsevier Inc (1st January 1969 )
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1483231846
  • ISBN-13: 978-1483231846


Note: Brand New, Printed in black and white pages.

Fundamentals of Temperature Control focuses on theoretical foundations and principles involved in temperature control.

The book first offers information on thermal-process representation and response. Discussions focus on response to damped harmonic inputs, principle of superposition, bode diagrams, ramp, step, and impulse functions, harmonic response, electrical analogs, basic equations, and thermal conductivity. The text then examines common thermal elements and open-loop temperature control.

The publication ponders on closed-loop temperature control and the dynamics of discontinuous temperature control. Topics include dynamics in the phase plane and time domain, dynamic analysis, closed-loop control, secondary feedback, and cooling processes. The manuscript then examines quasi-continuous and continuous temperature control, as well as quasi-continuously controlled process behavior in the time domain and quasi-continuously controlled process behavior in the phase plane.

The text is a vital source of data for researchers interested in the fundamentals of temperature control.

Table of Contents



1. Thermal-Process Representation

Mathematical Models

Simple Processes

Electrical Analogs

Basic Equations

Thermal Conductivity

Exponential Lag

Analogous Electrical and Thermal Networks

2. Thermal-Process Response

2.1. Ramp Functions

2.2. Step Functions

2.3. Impulse Functions

2.4. Harmonic Response

2.5. Bode Diagrams

2.6. Nyquist Diagrams

2.7. Principle of Superposition

2.8. Response to Damped Harmonic Inputs

2.9. The s Plane and the Laplace Transform

3. Common Thermal Elements

3.1. Transit Delays

3.2. Cascade Lags

3.3. Thermometer Examples

3.4. Distributed Parameters

3.5. Liquid Heating (or Cooling) Processes

3.6. Common Thermal Processes

4. Open-Loop Temperature Control


5. Closed-Loop Temperature Control

5.1. Closed-Loop Control

5.2. Secondary Feedback

5.3. Cooling Processes

5.4. Overriding Commands

6. Dynamics of Discontinuous Temperature Control

6.1. Dynamics in the Phase Plane

6.2. Dynamics in the Time Domain

6.3. Dynamic Analysis

6.4. Heating—Cooling Processes

7. Quasi-Continuous and Continuous Temperature Control

Quasi-Continuous Control

Quasi-Continuous Systems

Continuous Control

Quasi-Continuously Controlled Process Behavior in the Time Domain

Quasi-Continuously Controlled Process Behavior in the Phase Plane

The Error (yP) Caused by the Calibration Interval (pn)

Nonlinearities in the Control-Element Profile

Predicting System Performance


A. Transducers for Temperature-Control Systems

B. Selected Bibliographies on Control Elements

C. Bimetallic Design

D. Historical Development of Discontinuous Temperature-Control Literature


Author Index

Subject Index

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