Fundamentals of Steam Generation Chemistry, ISBN-13: 978-0878147502

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Fundamentals of Steam Generation Chemistry, ISBN-13: 978-0878147502

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  • 334 pages
  • Publisher: PennWell Corp.; 1st edition (April 15, 2000)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0878147500
  • ISBN-13: 978-0878147502


Fundamentals of Steam Generation Chemistry provides the non-chemist with practical information on steam generation chemistry which can be used on a daily basis to monitor water/steam chemistry parameters. Plant engineers, operators, or mechanical and chemical engineering students, will be able to immediately apply the information found in this book.

This book is designed to serve two groups, one being the personnel at utilities, IPPs, and steam-generating industries, who may not have much experience with water/steam chemistry but find themselves in charge of chemistry monitoring or programs. The other group consists of chemical and mechanical engineering undergraduate students who may wish to use this text as a supplement to their courses on steam plant or industrial operation. Today’s jobs call for workers that can wear several hats, in which a fundamental knowledge of steam generation chemistry could be very helpful.

About the Author

Brad Buecker provides consulting and technical writing services from his home office in Lawrence, KS. He was previously employed as Technical Services Engineer for CEDA, Inc., as a water and wastewater system supervisor at UCB Films, as Senior Chemist for Burns & McDonnell Engineering, and as a results engineer, flue gas desulfurization (FGD) engineer, and analytical chemist for City Water, Light & Power, Springfield, IL. Buecker has written more than 50 articles on steam generation, water treatment, and FGD chemistry, and he is the author of two books on steam generation chemistry published by PennWell. He has a B.S. in chemistry from Iowa State University, and is a member of ACS, AIChE, ASME, and NACE.

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