Bosch Automotive Electrics and Automotive Electronics 5th Edition, ISBN-13: 978-3658017835

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Bosch Automotive Electrics and Automotive Electronics: Systems and Components, Networking and Hybrid Drive 5th Edition, ISBN-13: 978-3658017835

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  • Series: Bosch Professional Automotive Information
  • 530 pages
  • Publisher: Springer Vieweg; 5th ed. 2014 edition (November 4, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9783658017835
  • ISBN-13: 978-3658017835


This is a complete reference guide to automotive electrics and electronics. This new edition of the definitive reference for automotive engineers, compiled by one of the world’s largest automotive equipment suppliers, includes new and updated material. As in previous editions different topics are covered in a concise but descriptive way backed up by diagrams, graphs, photographs and tables enabling the reader to better comprehend the subject. This fifth edition revises the classical topics of the vehicle electrical systems such as system architecture, control, components and sensors. There is now greater detail on electronics and their application in the motor vehicle, including electrical energy management (EEM) and discusses the topic of inter system networking within the vehicle. It also includes a description of the concept of hybrid drive a topic that is particularly current due to its ability to reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions.This book will benefit automotive engineers and design engineers, automotive technicians in training and mechanics and technicians in garages. It may also be of interest to teachers/ lecturers and students at vocational colleges, and enthusiasts.​

The significance of electrical and electronic systems has increased considerably in the last few years and this trend is set to continue. The characteristics feature of innovative systems is the fact that they can work together in a network. This requires powerful bus systems that the electronic control units can use to exchange information. Networking and the various bus systems used in motor vehicles are the prominent new topic in the 5th edition of the “Automotive Electric, Automotive Electronics” technical manual. The existing chapters have also been updated, so that this new edition brings the reader up to date on the subjects of electrical and electronic systems in the motor vehicle.


Electrical and electronical systems – Basic principles of networking – Examples of networked vehicles – Bus systems – Architecture of electronic systems – Mechatronics – Elektronics – Electronic control Units – Software – Sensors – Actuators – Hybrid drives – Vehicle electrical system – Starter battery – Alternator – Starting system – Electromagnetic compatibility – Circuit diagrams

Target audience

Automotive engineers completing further education

Automotive foremen and mechanics in automotive repair shops

Teachers and lecturers in vocational schools

Students at colleges and technical schools and all those interested in automotive engineering

About the Author

Bosch is one of the world’s leading suppliers to the automotive industry. The large number of applications for patents and utility models is impressive proof of the company’s leading position in automotive engineering.

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