Basic Electricity Complete Course Volumes 1-5, ISBN-13: 978-0790610412

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Basic Electricity: Complete Course, Volumes 1-5, ISBN-13: 978-0790610412

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  • 736 pages
  • Publisher: Prompt Publications; Revised edition (February 1, 1992)
  • Author: Van Valkenburgh
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0790610418
  • ISBN-13: 978-0790610412


Note: Brand New, Printed in black and white pages.

The unique simplification of an ordinarily complex subject, the exceptional clarity of illustrations and text, and the plan of presenting one basic concept at a time, without involving complicated mathematics, all combine in making this course a better and quicker way to teach and learn basic electricity and electronics. The Basic-Electronics portion of this course will be available as a separate-series of volumes.

Basic Electronics. Vol. 1
What Electricity Is.
How Electricity Is Produced.
How Friction Produces Electricity.
How Pressure Produces Electricity.
How Heat Produces Electricity.
How Light Produces Electricity.
How Chemical Action Produces Electricity — Primary Cells.
How Chemical Action Produces Electricity — Secondary Cells.
How Magnetism Produces Electricity.
Current Flow —What It Is.
Magnetic Fields.
How Current Is Measured.
IIow A Meter Works.
What Causes Current Flow – EMF.
How Voltage Is Measured.
What Controls Current Flow – Resistance.Vol. 2
What A Circuit Is.
Direct Current Scries Circuits.
Ohm’s Law.
Electric Power.
Direct Current Parallel Circuits.
Ohm’s Law and Parallel Circuits.
Direct Current Series-Parallel Circuits Kirchhoff’s Laws.Vol. 3
What Alternating Current Is.
AC Meters.
Resistance in AC Circuits.
Inductance in AC Circuits.
Power in Inductive Circuits.
Capacitance in AC Circuits.
Capacitors and Capacitive Reactance.Vol. 4
Impedance in AC Scries Circuits.
Current, Voltage and Resonance in AC Series Circuits.
Alternating Current Parallel Circuits.
Resonance in AC Parallel Circuits.
Alternating Current Series-Parallel Circuits.
Transformers.Vol. 5
Elementary Generators.
Direct Current Generators.
Direct Current Motors.
DC Motor Starters.
DC Machinery Maintenance and Troubleshooting.
Alternating Current Motors.
Power Control Devices.


This is the third time I’ve purchased this book, if that says anything. First time was for myself, so I could better understand my telecom technician work. That one got loaned to someone who never returned it. The second was a gift for my brother who was starting a job in a similar field, who will not let me borrow it as he is still reading it. Now I need a copy to replace my original that was never returned, so I can better understand vehicle electrical systems.

I’ve read a lot of textbooks and other explanatory material on the internet, and it simply does not get better than this book. This book was written in a way that a country bumpkin from 1940 who couldn’t even pronounce ‘algebra’ can actually understand electricity, perform the calculations, and troubleshoot electrical systems. The explanations are complete yet simple, the illustrations are clear and sometimes comical, and rarely do I find myself dozing off while reading. The material is engaging and interesting enough that I just keep going and taking notes. A must buy for anyone who wants to self teach electricity.”

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