A Textbook of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, ISBN-13: 978-8121927819

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A Textbook of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SI), ISBN-13: 978-8121927819

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  • 720 pages
  • Publisher: Chand (S.) & Co Ltd ,India; 1 edition (December 1, 2006)
  • Authors: R.S. Khurmi, J.K. Gupta
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9788121927819
  • ISBN-13: 978-8121927819


Covers air refrigeration cycle, compound vapour compressions, multiple evaporator and compressor systems, vapour absorption refrigeration systems, expansion devices condensers, steam jet refrigeration, and air conditioning system.


Air Refrigeration cycles
Air Refrigeration systems
Simple Vapour Compression Refrigeration System
Compound Vapour Compression Refrigeration System
Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Systems
Refrigerant Compressors
Expansion Devices
Food Preservation
Low-Temperature Refrigeration Cryogenics
Steam Jet Refrigeration System
Psychrometric terms
Comfort Conditions
Air Conditioning System
Cooling load Estimation
Ducts and Fans
Applications of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


Very good book. recommending for students who are searching job after diploma in mechanical engineering.”

The book is written and published in India, so it is more oriented to that market, although the principles are universal, some examples and requirements are different. For example, scroll compressors are not mentioned at all, nor are refrigerators with automatic defrost feature. All climate data is for India cities. Also note that the book uses SI (International System of Units), not imperial units for all calculations and formulas.”

Perfect book covering all topics related to the subject. Highly recommended.”

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