About Us

Founded in 2005, DtiCorp.com delivers a revolutionary new way to access HVAC digital textbooks for instructors and students.

Instructors benefit from instant access to the largest single source of electronic textbooks available anywhere. Instructors can review and compare textbooks and course materials to determine the best sources for their students. Instructors save time while providing access to the latest and greatest textbooks to enhance students learning experience.

Students benefit by saving money on over 1,000 college textbooks and obtaining online access to their textbooks, anywhere – any time – all without long lines at the register. Students can take advantage of a smarter way to learn with search capabilities, highlighting, note taking features and more.

DtiCorp.com is the world’s largest provider of HVAC digital course materials.

Our catalog includes over 90% of the core textbooks in use today in North American Higher Education as eTextbooks, as well as the largest online catalog of eResources and digital course materials available for instant access.

DtiCorp.com‘s comprehensive selection gives students, faculty, partners, and institutions a new way to find and access eTextbooks and digital course material in one place. DtiCorp.com customers enjoy anytime, anywhere access to important course materials at the click of a mouse from any web browser and on many popular tablets and mobile devices. DtiCorp.com‘s read offline feature also lets customers read eTextbooks from their computer or iPad when an internet connection is not available.

Leveraging DtiCorp.com‘s standards-based enterprise capabilities, an institution can provide seamless access to important academic content from within the walls of their trusted campus systems, thereby improving productivity and performance for students and instructors alike.

In providing this unmatched service, DtiCorp.com is not only lowering costs and improving access to these essential tools, but is supporting the evolving teaching and learning environment through the significant benefits of digital course materials.

DtiCorp.com provides eTextbooks and digital learning tools to millions of student and faculty users.

Students Benefits:

  • Guaranteed Savings – Saves money since DtiCorp.com eTextbooks cost an average of 60% less than a printed textbook.
  • Confidence – Assures that you are purchasing the exact materials assigned by instructors for use in class.
  • Instant Access – Allows for digital course materials to be accessed anytime, day or night.
  • Digital Convenience – Provides full text search, copy/paste, integration with most word processing programs, and the ability to print just what is needed.
  • Choice – Multiple formats available that support anytime, anywhere access to course materials on a variety of computers and devices.
  • Fidelity – DtiCorp.com eTextbooks maintain the valuable aspects of the print textbook including page numbers and page layout, as well as the ability to take notes and highlight passages.

Partners and Institution Benefits:

  • One partner – A single agreement and implementation can provide the exact digital content a partner or institution needs across multiple publishers.
  • One user experience – A common user experience across eTextbooks that is easy for students and faculty to learn and use.
  • Simple integration – Lightweight and standards-based methods to integrate DtiCorp.com systems into existing workflows such as point of sale systems, student information systems, campus portals and learning management systems.
  • Speed to market – The fastest way to offer digital course materials to improve access and lower costs for students and instructors.

Faculty Benefits:

  • Evaluation – The easiest, fastest and most eco-friendly way to evaluate possible textbooks for adoption.
  • Comprehensive Content – A complete view, across publishers, of available textbooks and all of the corresponding supporting materials.
  • Accessibility – Anytime, anywhere access to the textbook faculty have assigned to the class.
  • Student Support – Easy ways to inform students about a new, low cost choice to purchase assigned course materials including tools to link from the syllabus and learning management system directly to materials in use.

Publisher Benefits:

  • Complete eTextbook solution – A simple way to make your complete catalog of textbooks available as eTextbooks.
  • New channel – Beyond eTextbooks, a new way to distribute new and innovative e-learning materials.
  • Support for all devices – A way to insure that your content is available in many formats on a wide range of devices in a rapidly changing market.
  • Lower cost option for students – A way to provide the market with lower-cost digital options via a trusted partner.

In 2005 DtiCorp.com started out with the simple goal of providing instructors in college and higher education a better HVAC textbook evaluation service.

We knew that for instructors, getting textbooks for evaluation was a tedious and time consuming task. They’d contact the publisher directly, then wait days for a book to ship or wait for the publisher sales representative to deliver it in person. And go through the same process again for each book they wanted to review.

For publishers, it was just as difficult, spending millions of dollars each year to give away thousands of sample textbooks to faculty across the country, without knowing if an instructor would eventually assign the book for their course.

DtiCorp.com set out to transform this costly and inefficient process by building the world’s largest HVAC library of eTextbooks and digital course materials that instructors could access instantly – anytime, anywhere.

By 2009, students were telling us they wanted a digital option for the HVAC textbooks too. To satisfy the student demand for our digital products, help them save money on course materials and give them the same eTextbook benefits that we introduced to instructors, we launched our digital rental service which lets students rent eTextbooks and online course materials at savings up to 60% compared to buying new print textbooks.

And we couldn’t stop there. Today, many colleges, higher education institutions and bookstores also rely on us to integrate HVAC eTextbooks and digital learning content within their campus technology ecosystems to bring digital course materials directly to their faculty and student body.

Many people in the U.S. and Canada have used our digital products, and with our expansion into the UK, Africa, the Middle East and beyond, we continue to grow globally.

More Titles, More Innovation

DtiCorp.com users have access to over 90% of core higher HVAC education titles used today as eTextbooks, and the largest catalog of eResources and digital course materials available, with the latest titles constantly being added.

But for us, it’s not just about making the most digital learning content available to faculty and students.

We’re always striving to improve the educational experience by offering all users, including those with print–related disabilities, access to the course content they need anytime, anywhere and with the best overall experience.

  • Read eTextbooks online or offline – in the classroom, at the library, on a bus, just about anywhere.
  • Use on multiple devices – laptops, tablets, smartphones, within a browser or with free apps.
  • Highlight, take notes, search topics, print pages and more.
  • eTexts support assistive technologies for accessibility by users with vision, hearing or mobility impairments.
  • Customer support is always available to all users 24/7.

More innovation is on the way as we continue to bring you products, features and services to help you get the most out of your HVAC course materials. DtiCorp.com partners with an ever–growing list of publishers, including the leading publishers in North American higher education, to make HVAC textbooks and course materials available digitally to students, faculty and institutions.